What’s a Food Fair & Why Should I Care?
Because it’s FUN for Everyone!

Really! Got little kids? No kids? Single? Partnered? Gay? Straight? Old? Young? If you like this church, then the Food Fair is for YOU!

How to get in on the fun: Offer to HOST an event sometime in the next year. All events will be for sale at the Food Fair at church April 21 & 28. Next, come to the sale, and BUY seats at the events. Then, during the coming year, ATTEND the events you purchased!

What kind of event should I offer? Anything that involves FOOD and FUN! EVENTS can be held for adults, intergenerational groups, or kids only. Simple to elegant. Indoors or out. Brunch, lunch, dinner. Ethnic or ordinary. Just the meal, or combine it with a fun activity. A day of canoeing. A backyard picnic. Tour a local attraction & dine out. Musical entertainment. Play games (from Scrabble to Chutes and Ladders). Go bowling. Give a dance lesson. Create some art. Bake cakes.

Can I contribute without hosting?
Of course. You can offer something for the SILENT AUCTION (to be picked up or delivered later): Any specialty you can create, from homemade cookies to a wedding cake, fresh produce from your garden or something you make. It can be a one-time thing, or something to repeat (e.g. quarterly).

Offer forms and more details will be available in March.
Contact Barb Royal - royalbl(at)mac(dot)com or 225-2944 - for more info.