Sunday Services at 9:15 am & 11:00 am

At First Unitarian Church of Des Moines, you’ll find a vibrant group of religious seekers who have found a common ground where the deepest values of life can be shared. Our growing congregation offers ever-increasing opportunities for life enrichment, spiritual growth, and social justice. Our members and friends are thinking, caring, progressive people of all ages. Interested? Check out topic links listed to the left. We invite you to make First Unitarian of Des Moines your home church!

Find Us

Refer to the Map and Directions to guide you in finding us at 1800 Bell Avenue in south Des Moines. Please note: Public transportation in Des Moines is not available on Sundays.

Parking Options

Church parking is in three primary lots plus on the street. A pass through driveway on the west side of the building includes three handicap parking spaces, but no other parking. There is an area there for drivers to drop off passengers. The lots are as follows.

Upper parking lot – south of the building on Casady Drive:

  • Please enter from the north end and exit from the south.
  • This lot has three handicap spaces.
  • The remaining ten spaces are reserved for visitors (Sunday mornings only).
  • It’s permissible to park in front of the dumpster spaces on Sundays only.
  • Please do not park on the grass.

East/lower lot behind the church on Druid Hill Dr. holds 44 cars:

  • Please enter from the north end and exit from the south.
  • Those parking in the center section will have to pull in and back out.
  • Please keep the pass through lane (nearest the building) open.
  • Please do not park on the grass.

Wells Fargo parking lot across Bell Ave to the north of the church holds numerous cars:

  • This is an overflow parking lot & anyone able to cross Bell Ave. is encouraged to use it.
  • We are only permitted to park in the Wells Fargo lot on Sundays.
  • Please DO NOT park in the driveway leading to the lot; this is a tow away zone. 


All levels of the church are handicapped accessible, via a lift, and restrooms are accessible on all levels as well. For hearing devices, ask an usher at entry to the auditorium.