Upcoming Sermons

April 2014

Sunday Services at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

April theme:
"What does it mean to live a life of freedom?”

April 6
"Life on the Fault Line"
with Rev. Jill Jarvis; Celebrant: Helen Copley

Freedom, faith in the future, and joy are essential to a life of meaning and purpose. Fear in its many disguises is a deceptive roadblock on the spiritual journey to becoming more fully human. To confront our fears --whether the result of personal experience or imposed from without – is courageous soul work, and important to resisting the many oppressions of our lives. For this pulpit exchange Sunday, we welcome the Rev. Jill Jarvis who has served as the minister of the Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence, KS since 2006.

April 13
"Standing in a River of Love"
with Rev. Mark Stringer; Celebrant: Carissa Fields

With this month marking the five-year anniversary of the Iowa Supreme Court ruling that finally granted same-sex couples the freedom to marry in Iowa, Mark takes a look back at all that he has experienced while presiding at ceremonies for dozens of loving and committed same-sex couples. His place in this “river of love” as he calls it, has changed him and made him hopeful for our collective future.

April 20
"How We Carry It"
with Rev. Mark Stringer; Celebrant: Amy Anderson

An Easter morning meditation on how we shoulder the burdens of our lives. Might there be freedom in how we carry those things that we cannot put down?

April 27
"Earth for All"
with Rev. Mark Stringer and friends; Celebrant: David Quinn

For this annual multi-generational Earth Day-themed service, we will consider this planet we call home, our lives upon it, and the responsibility we share to protect and nurture it so that generations to follow will be free to do the same.