Upcoming Sermons

April 2015

Sunday Services at 9:15 and 11:00 a.m.

April's Theme:
"What does it mean to be a people of revelation?"

April 5
"Not Over Yet"
with Rev. Mark Stringer; Celebrant: Bryan Helmus

An Easter Sunday reflection on the ways changes to the narrative we thought we were living may open up new understandings and possibilities. A service celebrating the resurrections that can arrive when we realize our story isn’t over yet.

April 12
Faith in Action Day

We will not be having regular church services this Sunday. You are invited to sign up for service projects around the community. At church, we will have drop-in activities for all ages in Channing Hall, as well as meetings for adults to educate and take action on social justice issues. Click here for complete information and for links to sign up. We put our faith into action to transform our larger community & to be transformed ourselves in ways that we could not alone. We may individually volunteer in our lives, but on this Sunday we volunteer TOGETHER as a church. We will share experiences we can learn from & reflect on together. Let’s jump into creative interchange through social justice with our community and each other. Let’s see where this experience takes us!

April 19
"Creative Interchange Through Social Justice"
with Rev. Erin Gingrich; Celebrant: Petra Lange

Our church put our faith into action through 18 social justice service projects the week of April 12th. What about our workmakes it faith in action? What might our experiences reveal about who we are and who we could become as a church?

April 26
"Be the Change: Butterflies, Bees, and People"
with Linda Barnes, Ministerial Intern, and the Energy & Justice for All Team;
Celebrant: Laura Berardi

Join us for an intergenerational Earth day service. We will celebrate our Green Sanctuary designation, watch a play about Butterflies and Honeybees, and together recommit to our place in the web of life by being (as Gandhi suggests) the change we wish to see in the world.